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Pack small_adventure_games -- prolog/chat80.pl
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Run default demo suite, showing timing and warn if the answer is incorrect.
Run the test suite Times times silently. Used for timing and profiling.
 chat_process(+Question, -Answer)
Process Question using chat80, resulting in Answer. Question is a list of atoms expressing words. For exampple,
?- chat_process([what, is, the,capital, of, france, ?], A).
A = [paris].
See also
- tokenize_atom/2.
 chat_parse(+Question, -Tree)
Perform the parsing phase of CHAT80.
 chat_semantics(+Tree, -Query)
Translate the NLP parse tree into a Prolog query.
 chat_optimize(+QueryIn, -Query)
Optimize a query
 chat_answer(+Query, -Answer)
Find answers for the Query.
Print an NLP parse tree
 chat_example(?Nr, ?Sentence, ?Correct)
True when Nr is the (integer) id of the tokenized Sentence and Correct is the correct answer.