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Pack spuds -- doc/Releases.txt
1:2 @ 22.12.29 20.09.01 IFACE: scripts are now also loaded from Pack/script/ locations 20.08.20 DEPS: explicit loading of auto-loads OS: support for macs, no killing yet 20.04.19 SCRIPT: allow for ignores in bin/upsh_line (should also enable for local libs that are not installed)
1:1 @ 20.03.19 20.03.19 SCRIPT: work in /tmp/ via tmp_file/2 SCRIPT: doc example now allows for server that documents spudlike/0 SCRIPT: browser can now point to page 20.03.07 SCRIPT: fix debug(,,true) broken compatibility SCRIPT: allow packs to loads something else by nameshake this currently managed by a curated fact predicate 20.02.22 SCRIPT: extra how-to load comment, spudlike 19.03.19 DOC: CLI example for doc-everything 19.03.18 SCRIPT: spudlike extensions, added options
1:0 @ 18.03.18 18.03.18 FIX: only run kill script in spudlike.pl if we are unix 18.02.07 CHANGE: spudlike has now no external dependencies 18.01.26 SCRIPT: spudlike DIR: scripts
17.??.?? added --debug=true option to swipl-spuds and some reporting via repo/1 to /tmp/repo.txt changed swipl-spuds, to include some environment variables that enable the script to run properly at start-up (in my set-up). added icons/ with svg and png at 96x96 of Swi's owl
0:1:4 2014 Jan 1 moved spuds_docs to prolog/ so it can be loaded as library(spuds_docs). made displaying of all source files the default. Added all_sources_visible/1 in spuds_docs.pl

0:1:2 2013 Nov. 22 various fixes ?

0:1:0 2013 Nov. 2 spuds_profile/1 is made public. Added scripts for daemon use via http_daemon/0. Added spuds/1 info message in spuds_start. Profile source is first looked in spuds_profile_hostname.pl.

0:0:6 2013 March 19 One more fix for new os_sub/3.

0:0:5 2013 March 19 Use new os_sub/3 (version 0:0:4).

0:0:4 2013 March 16 Updated spuds_version/2.

0:0:3 2013 March 16 Deleted forgotten env .. in spudsd.pl Changed use_module to load_files/2 with silent(true) for user's module files. Allow user to block system libraries. New spuds_debug(true) in spuds_profiles can be used to show what 's loaded. Some more documentation.
0:0:2 2013 March 12 Note on what to add to /etc/rc.local for boot starts. Added 2nd argument of server script (logfile). Changed spudsd to cope with rc.local start-ups. Changed spudsd to start as /bin/sh Thanks to Michael Hendricks.

0:0:1 2013 March 11 Released as a pack at SWI website.