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Pack subsumes -- README.md


Relational term subsumption for SWI-Prolog

subsumes/2 is intended as a relational drop-in replacement for subsumes_term/2. It can handle cyclic data, as well as cases where cyclic data would be induced.

?- f(X, Y) subsumes G.
G = f(_A, _B),
X subsumes _A,
Y subsumes _B.

?- f(X) subsumes Y, Y subsumes X. % Example with induced cyclic data.
X = Y, Y = f(Y).

?- X subsumes Y, X = g(_).
X = g(_A),
Y = g(_B),
_A subsumes _B.

See the unit tests in [test/subsumes.plt](test/subsumes.plt) for more examples.

Executing the following goal from the top-level subsumes directory should run all the tests:

?- expand_file_name("test/**.plt", Tests), maplist(consult, Tests), run_tests.

Note that this conflicts with the deprecated terms:subsumes/2.

TODO: make ISO-compatible.

(Note to self) To publish a new version:

  1. update pack.pl
  2. do GitHub release with new tag matching the pack.pl version
  3. execute:
    ?- make_directory(potato), pack_install(subsumes, [url('http://github.com/GeoffChurch/subsumes/archive/13.17.zip'), package_directory(potato)]).