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--- Releases ---

2.6 22.09.11 DOC: upsh h at module doc DOC: document : on help message IFACE: allow for upsh mod1:pred1 os script name 22.01.06 CHANGE: reporting via message/3 CHANGE: calling to editor as non background except if EDIT_IN_BACKGROUND is set to true 21.09.01 IFACE: allow library predicates calling by loading lib instead of script 21.08.30 DOC: added example for \\= and == 21.04.27 CHANGE: removed ',' from breaking codes... IFACE: allow y=Mod,Name,Arity CHANGE: moved the spy call further up, so internal upsh goals can be traced DOC: examples in help 21.07.13 SCRIPT: added alert.pl IFACE: empty invocation picks the single .pl file if it exists 20.07.13 SCRIPT: added lib(debug) in dependecies in say.pl as SWI has started to turn autoloading off when building upsh*
2.5 @ 19.12.23 19.12.10 DOC: examples formating was off 19.10.26 FIXED: work around changes in latest SWI development: app_data -> user_app_data 19.03.15 IFACE: remove :- set_prolog_flag( allow_dot_in_atom, true ). CHANGE: only load .rc (~/.swiplrc) file if it exists (avoid error when user doesn't have one...) 18.12.12 DOC: Added description to upsh_make/1.

2.4 @ 18.12.10 18.12.10 CHANGE: simpler build process no need to call shell/1

2.3 @ 18.05.02 18.05.02 IFACE: change the executable module to upsh_exec (so doc server runing over upsh exec can load upsh for docs) DOC: added text for upsh_make/0+1 DOC: added module documentation and updated web page 18.05.01 DOC: small changes to Readme.txt
2.2 @ 18.04.30 18.04.30 FIXED: entry goal upsh/0, call module upsh rather than user 18.01.26 CHANGE: this file to Releases.txt and update its syntax to standard stoics format IFACE: add scripts dir from packs to upsh's path 18.01.03 ADDED: makefile with make (so pack_rebuild, rebuilds the executable) and tiny check. CHANGE: upsh v, output to be more termie

2.1 @ 17.06.03 Published as an SWI pack.

2:0:0 Mon Dec 20 11:56:00 GMT 2004 New exit code 5. No suitable entry goal found. Escape character changed from / to \ . Paths are now allowed without quotes. Script name is taken without the path part or any extensions. Multiple scripts allowed with i/2 and t/1. Space is allowed after special argument codes ('=', ':', ','). Added argument y/2, Name,Arity, for spying. Added upsh_built_call( true ) for building invocation (only intended for developers). Added lst= and trm= . Upgraded the Wlpe 2004 paper to manual.

1:1:3 Fri Aug 27 14:55:30 BST 2004 Changed all select/3 to upsh_select_nv/3. As to avoid variables on command line trigger the upsh options. Added / as the escape character in OS arguments.

1:1:2 Wed Aug 11 13:02:40 BST 2004 Added support for variables in command line for SWI-Prolog. Uses atom_to_term/3. Fixed installation script for SWI. Renamed UpshWple04.ps.gz to UpshWlpe04.ps.gz

1:1:1 Tue Jul 20 12:26:03 BST 2004 A couple of fixes to the translation of command line arguments to Prolog arguments.

1:1:0 Thu Jun 10 11:47:23 BST 2004 Added Base/0 as a possibility for main call when Base/1 is not present. Fixed incorrect handling of arguments (was affecting error stream redirection). Added ':' syntax for arguments translating to nested terms. Final version of Wple02 in doc/ .

1:0:0 Tue Apr 27 16:50:35 BST 2004 First public release. All features are supported as detailed in doc/Upsh2004.ps.gz . In particular Upsh runs on current releases of the three supported systems: SICStus, SWI and Yap.

2:0:1 Wed Jan 5 10:16:25 GMT 2005 Make sure the lookup files are atomic. Fix quoting of '.' that was not quoting over capital letters. Any argument including / is passed as an atom if it referes to a directory, otherwise, as a term. An argument if it, or its .pl extension, exists, or if the part of the argument left of the first '/' is an existing directory. Fixed f/1 argument's instantiation error.

2:0:2 Wed Jun 8 17:00:06 BST 2005 Changed compilation mode to l/1. Recognising co(m)pile, co(n)sult and (l)ocate. Minor changes to help message. Extended w/0 to w/1. Argument must be in {bell,input,both,none}. Added bb_put( upsh_exec, UExec ) for scripts to pick up the location of executing script. Useful when multiple upshes are present on a single system. In Swi this is flag( upsh_exec, Uexec, Uexec ). Use of SICStus-3.12.2's --noinfo and prolog_flag( informational ). This means Upsh does no longer have to redirect its error at the top of the saved state.

2:0:3 Fri Sep 2 12:35:42 BST 2005 Added edit selection to loading option /1. Fixed upsh_pl_call_version/4 bug (2.0.2 would not run on anything but SICStus).

2:0:4 Wed Apr 11 20:16:14 CEST 2012 Support for n/1,2 Base/Arity calls. Standardised ./make_yap and ./make_swi. Changed bin/upsh_cline to bin/cline_upsh. Added l/1 to documentation. Cleaned code to user upsh_error/1,2. Support for x/1 for auto call of usage_example/1 registered examples. Added r/1*=s,w/n Added f/0. Encapsulate to module upsh, which should make things cleaner. Furhter clean up of make_{swi,yap}. Removal of old "both" flag. Single executable now supporting 'p' and 'f' upsh flags. Tested on latest SWI (6.1.3) and Yap (6.2.2).