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A (for now) rudimentary google maps component.

This code provided to weblog by Cliopatria project Licensed under LGPL

 gmap(+Generator:closure)// is det
Geomap (map of Earth) component using Google Maps

Do not call this directly, call it through geo_map and bind provider(google) (or do nothing, google is the default)

Generator is an arity n term that corresponds to an arity n+1 predicate.

gmap//1 will repeatedly query Generator for information and build up the map. The final argument may be

  • id(-ID) The map div id and javascript variable name will be set to this. default lmap or gmap depending on provider. must be valid javascript identifier as atom.
  • zoom(Zoom) The zoom level. Provider specific how this maps to a viewport. Default 14
  • center(Lat, Long) center map view here. defaults to average of points
  • point(-Lat, -Long) A marker will be placed at this point
  • icon_for(+point(Lat, Long), -IconName) icon to use for this point. default is provider default icon
  • popup_for(-HTML, +point(Lat, Long))termerized HTML to put in popup
  • tooltip_for(+point(Lat, Long), -ToolTipText) contents of tooltip
  • maptype(-Type) only meaningful for google maps, is the constant for google.maps.MapTypeId (one of 'HYBRID', 'ROADMAP', 'SATELLITE', 'TERRAIN')

Defining icon types means binding an icon/3 for each type, then binding all the properties

  • icon(-Name, -ImageSource, -ShadowSource) Defines an icon type name.

Defining an icon requires that the following be defined for each icon type name:

  • * icon_size(+Name, X, Y) size of icon image
  • * shadow_size(+Name, X, Y) size of shadow image
  • * icon_anchor(+Name, X, Y) offset from UL of image to the point touching the spot on the map
  • * shadow_anchor(+Name, X, Y) offset from UL of shadow image to the point touching the spot on map
  • * popup_anchor(+Name, X, Y) offset from the point touching map to where the popup appears (so, eg, Y coord is often negative)
To be done
- add an example to docs