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Package "resbound"

Title:Run goal with resource bounds
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Latest version:0.8.1
SHA1 sum:b1ea59859f718f1ee01d5856fa8f12e4eef45da4
Author:Jan Wielemaker <J.Wielemaker@vu.nl>
Download URL:http://www.swi-prolog.org/download/pack/resbound-*.tgz


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Resource bounded goals

This pack provides library(resource_bounds), which allows running a goal providing limits for the wall time, CPU time and stack usage.


?- resource_bounded_call(true, 1, Status, []).
Status = true.
?- resource_bounded_call(fail, 1, Status, []).
Status = false.
?- resource_bounded_call((repeat, fail), 0.001, Status, []).
Status = timeout(cpu).
?- resource_bounded_call(sleep(20), 0.001, Status, [wall_time(1)]).
Status = timeout(wall).
?- resource_bounded_call(numlist(1, 1000000, L), 1, Status, [global(1000)]).
Status = stack_overflow(global).

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