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Prolog files

basics.pl  -- Various general DCG utilitiesShow source
alpha_to_lower/3Read a letter (class alpha) and return it as a lowercase letter.Source
atom/3Generate codes of Atom.Source
blank/2Take next space character from input.Source
blanks/2Skip zero or more white-space characters.Source
blanks_to_nl/2Take a sequence of blank//0 codes if blanks are followed by a newline or end of the input.Source
csym/3Recognise a C symbol according to the csymf and csym code type classification provided by the C library.Source
digit/3Number processing.Source
digits/3Number processing.Source
eol/2Matches end-of-line.Source
eos/2Matches end-of-input.Source
float/3Process a floating point number.Source
integer/3Number processing.Source
nonblank/3Code is the next non-blank (graph) character.Source
nonblanks/3Take all graph characters.Source
number/3Generate extract a number.Source
prolog_var_name/3Matches a Prolog variable name.Source
remainder/3Unify List with the remainder of the input.Source
string/3Take as few as possible tokens from the input, taking one more each time on backtracking.Source
string_without/4Take as many codes from the input until the next character code appears in the list EndCodes.Source
white/2Take next white character from input.Source
whites/2Skip white space inside a line.Source
xdigit/3True if the next code is a hexdecimal digit with Weight.Source
xdigits/3List of weights of a sequence of hexadecimal codes.Source
xinteger/3Generate or extract an integer from a sequence of hexadecimal digits.Source
high_order.pl  -- High order grammar operationsShow source
foreach/4Generate a list from the solutions of Generator.Source
foreach/5Generate a list from the solutions of Generator.Source
optional/4Perform an optional match, executing Default if Match is not matched.Source
sequence/4Match or generate a sequence of Element.Source
sequence/5Match or generate a sequence of Element where each pair of elements is separated by Sep.Source
sequence/7Match or generate a sequence of Element enclosed by Start end End, where each pair of elements is separated by Sep.Source