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types.pl -- SICStus 4 library(types).
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- https://sicstus.sics.se/sicstus/docs/4.6.0/html/sicstus/lib_002dtypes.html
Source must_be(+Term, +Type, +Goal, +ArgNo) is det
Similar to must_be/2. This emulation currently only accepts types that SWI-Prolog must_be/2 understands natively.

The Goal and ArgNo arguments are currently ignored.

Source illarg(+ErrorTerm, +Goal, +ArgNo) is det
Same as illarg/4, with Culprit set to argument number ArgNo of Goal. The Goal and ArgNo arguments are otherwise not included in the thrown error.
Source illarg(+ErrorTerm, +Goal, +ArgNo, +Culprit) is det
Throw a SICStus standard error described by ErrorTerm. If possible, errors are thrown in the corresponding SWI-Prolog format using library(error). If a SICStus error has no SWI-Prolog counterpart, it is thrown in the same format that SICStus would use.

The Goal and ArgNo arguments are currently always ignored. Depending on the requested error type, Culprit and/or parts of ErrorTerm may also be ignored.