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edinburgh.pl -- Some traditional Edinburgh predicates
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This module defines predicates from `traditional Edinburgh Prolog' (Dec10 and C-Prolog) whose functionality has been replaced by (ISO) Standard Prolog.

Source display(+Term) is det
Source display(+Stream, +Term) is det
Write a term, ignoring operators and special syntax constructs such as brace terms ({a}) and lists ([a,b,c]). Currently does print dicts using the dict notation.
See also
- write_canonical/2. SWI-Prolog's write_canonical/2, however, prints lists using list notation to reduce incompatibility due to the modified list functor ('[|]' rather than `.`) and reduce memory usage while parsing lists.
Source unknown(-Old, +New) is det
Edinburgh Prolog predicate for dealing dealing with undefined procedures
Source reconsult(+FileOrList) is det
Load source file(s), wiping the old content first. SWI-Prolog's consult/1 and related predicates always do this.
- The Edinburgh Prolog consult/reconsult distinction is no longer used throughout most of the Prolog world.
Source debug is det
Source nodebug is det
Switch on/off debug mode. Note that nodebug/0 has been defined such that is is not traced itself.
Source fileerrors(-Old, +New) is det
Query and change the fileerrors flag. Default it is set to true, causing file operations to raise an exception. Setting it to false activates the old Edinburgh mode of silent failure.
- New code should use catch/3 to handle file errors silently