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edit.pl -- Editor interface
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This module implements the generic editor interface. It consists of two extensible parts with little in between. The first part deals with translating the input into source-location, and the second with starting an editor.

Source edit(+Spec)
Edit indicated object.
Source edit
Edit associated or script file. This is the Prolog file opened by double-clicking or the file loaded using
% swipl [-s] file.pl
Source locate(+Spec, -FullSpec, -Location)[multifile]
Source locate(+Spec, -Location)[multifile]
Locate object from the specified location.
Source edit_command(+Editor, -Command)[multifile]
This predicate should specify the shell-command called to invoke the user's editor. The following substitutions will be made:
%ePath name of the editor
%fPath name of the file to be edited
%dLine number of the target
Source select_location(+Pairs, +UserSpec, -Location)[multifile]