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Prolog files

archive.pl  -- Access several archive formatsShow source
archive_close/1Close the archive.Source
archive_create/3Convenience predicate to create an archive in OutputFile with data from a list of InputFiles and the given Options.Source
archive_data_stream/3True when DataStream is a stream to a data object inside Archive.Source
archive_entries/2True when Paths is a list of pathnames appearing in Archive.Source
archive_extract/3Extract files from the given archive into Dir.Source
archive_foldl/4Operates like foldl/4 but for the entries in the archive.Source
archive_header_property/2True when Property is a property of the current header.Source
archive_next_header/2Forward to the next entry of the archive for which Name unifies with the pathname of the entry.Source
archive_open/3Wrapper around archive_open/4 that opens the archive in read mode.Source
archive_open/4Open the archive in Data and unify Archive with a handle to the opened archive.Source
archive_open_entry/2Open the current entry as a stream.Source
archive_property/2True when Property is a property of the archive Handle.Source
archive_set_header_property/2Set Property of the current header.Source