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http_hook.pl -- HTTP library hooks
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Get the declarations of the HTTP package using

:- use_module(library(http/http_hook)).
To be done
- This should be using include, but then it cannot be a module and this would cause more overhead in SWI-Prolog
- Complete this and document the hooks.
 http:convert_parameter(+Type, +ValueIn, -ValueOut) is semidet[multifile]
Hook to execute a step in the HTTP parameter conversion process.
See also
- check_type/4.
Source http:http_connection_over_proxy(+Proxy, +URLParts, +Endpoint, -StreamPair, +Options, -NewOptions)[multifile]
Try to connect to the host Endpoint via Proxy for the purposes of retrieving the resource identified by URLParts. Different options can be returned in NewOptions, which may be required if you have defined a non-standard proxy method in socket:proxy_for_url/3 (such as one requiring authentication)