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doc_index.pl -- Create indexes
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Source doc_for_dir(+Dir, +Options) is det
Write summary index for all files in Dir to Out. The result consists of the README file (if any), a table holding with links to objects and summary sentences and finaly the TODO file (if any).
Source dir_index(+Dir, +Options)//
Create an index for all Prolog files appearing in Dir or in any directory contained in Dir. Options:
Documented members. See doc_files.pl
Title to use for the index page
Source file_index_header(+File, +Options)// is det
Create an entry in a summary-table for File.
Source doc_file_href(+Path, -HREF) is det
Create a /doc HREF from Path. There are some nasty things we should take care of.
  • Windows paths may start with L: (mapped to /L:)
  • Paths may contain spaces and other weird stuff
Source object_summaries(+Objects, +Section, +Options)// is det
Create entries in a summary table for Objects.
Source doc_links(+Directory, +Options)// is det
Provide overview links and search facilities.
Source places_menu(Current)// is det
Create a select menu with entries for all loaded directories
Source source_directory(+Dir) is semidet
source_directory(-Dir) is nondet
True if Dir is a directory from which we have loaded Prolog sources.