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doc_man.pl -- Process SWI-Prolog HTML manuals
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Source man_content_tree(+Dir, -Tree) is det
Compute the content tree for a multi-file HTML document. We do this by processing Contents.html for making the toplevel tree that links to the individual files. Then we use html_content_tree/2 to materialize the trees for the files.
Source man_packages_tree(-Tree) is det
Tree is the content tree of all packages
Source man_page(+Obj, +Options)// is semidet
Produce a Prolog manual page for Obj. The page consists of a link to the section-file and a search field, followed by the predicate description. Obj is one of:
  • Name/Arity Predicate indicator: display documentation of the predicate
  • f(Name/Arity) display documentation of an arithmetic function
  • c(Function) display documentation of a C API function
  • section(Level, Number, Id, File) Display a section of the manual
  • sec(DocFile#Id) Display a section of the manual (from short form)


If Action = fail, fail instead of displaying a not-found message.
If false, omit the synopsis line
If true (default), include links to the parent object; if false, just emit the manual material.
If true (default), display the navigation tree, otherwise suppress it.
Source man_synopsis(+Object, +Section)//
Give synopsis details for a fully specified predicate indicator and link this to the section.
Source man_overview(+Options)// is det
Provide a toplevel overview on the manual: the reference manual and the available packages.
Source prolog:doc_object_link(+Obj, +Options)//[multifile]
Provide the HTML to describe Obj for linking purposes.
Source prolog:doc_object_href(+Object, -HREF) is semidet[multifile]
Produce a HREF for section objects.