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doc_util.pl -- PlDoc utilities
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- Jan Wielemaker
Source insert_alias(+Path0, -Path) is det
Translate a native path to an aliased path. Path aliases are defined by path_alias/2. Aliased paths are re-translated into native form using expand_alias/2.
Source expand_alias(+Path0, -Path) is det
Translate an aliased path to a native path.
Source ensure_slash_end(+Dir, -DirSlash) is det
Ensure Dir ends with a /.
Source atom_pi(+Atom, -PI) is det
Translate an external predicate indicator representated as an atom into a predicate indicator term. If Atom contains <module>:, PI is qialified. If no arity is provided it is a term Name/_, i.e., with unbound arity.
Source atom_to_object(+Atom, -PredicateIndicator) is semidet
If Atom is `Name/Arity', decompose to Name and Arity. No errors.
Source normalise_white_space(-Text)// is det
Text is input after deleting leading and trailing white space and mapping all internal white space to a single space.