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doc_wiki.pl -- PlDoc wiki parser
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This file defines the PlDoc wiki parser, which parses both comments and wiki text files. The original version of this SWI-Prolog wiki format was largely modeled after Twiki (http://twiki.org/). The current version is extended to take many aspects from markdown, in particular the doxygen refinement thereof.

See also
- http://www.stack.nl/~dimitri/doxygen/manual/markdown.html
Source wiki_lines_to_dom(+Lines:lines, +Args:list(atom), -Term) is det
Translate a Wiki text into an HTML term suitable for html//1 from the html_write library.
Source wiki_codes_to_dom(+String, +Args, -DOM) is det
Translate a plain text into a DOM term.
String- Plain text. Either a string or a list of codes.
 prolog:doc_wiki_face(-Out, +VarNames)// is semidet[multifile]
prolog:doc_wiki_face(-Out, +VarNames, +Options0)// is semidet[multifile]
Hook that can be used to provide additional processing for additional inline wiki constructs. The DCG list is a list of tokens. Defined tokens are:
Recognised word (alphanumerical)
Single character atom representing punctuation marks or the atom ' ' (space), representing white-space.

The Out variable is input for the backends defined in doc_latex.pl and doc_html.pl. Roughly, these are terms similar to what html//1 from library(http/html_write) accepts.

 prolog:url_expansion_hook(+Term, -HREF, -Label) is semidet[multifile]
This hook is called after recognising <Alias:Rest>, where Term is of the form Alias(Rest). If it succeeds, it must bind HREF to an atom or string representing the link target and Label to an html//1 expression for the label.
Source autolink_extension(?Ext, ?Type) is nondet
True if Ext is a filename extensions that create automatic links in the documentation.
Source autolink_file(?File, -Type) is nondet
Files to which we automatically create links, regardless of the extension.
Source section_comment_header(+Lines, -Header, -RestLines) is semidet
Processes /** <section> comments. Header is a term \section(Type, Title), where Title is an atom holding the section title and Type is an atom holding the text between <>.
Lines- List of Indent-Codes.
Header- DOM term of the format \section(Type, Title), where Type is an atom from <type> and Title is a string holding the type.
Source summary_from_lines(+Lines:lines, -Summary:list(codes)) is det
Produce a summary for Lines. Similar to JavaDoc, the summary is defined as the first sentence of the documentation. In addition, a sentence is also ended by an empty line or the end of the comment.
Source indented_lines(+Text:list(codes), +Prefixes:list(codes), -Lines:list) is det
Extract a list of lines without leading blanks or characters from Prefix from Text. Each line is a term Indent-Codes, where Indent specifies the line_position of the real text of the line.
Source strip_leading_par(+Dom0, -Dom) is det
Remove the leading paragraph for environments where a paragraph is not required.