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format.pl -- Print formatted text to a terminal
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This module is the core of the plain text rendering module, providing format_paragraph/2 which formats a plain text block, respecting left and right margins, text alignment, ANSI style elements, etc.

Source format_paragraph(+Text, +Options)
Format a paragraph to the current output. Options defined are:
Width of a line. Default is 72.
Indent all lines with Indent spaces.
Additional right margin (same as reducing width)
Additional indent for the first line. Can be negative.
Bullet placed before the first line.
One of left, right, center or justify
If present, padd to the right using Char. Currently Char must be ' '.
Source trim_line(Line0, Line) is det
Remove leading and trailing white space (b(_,_)) tokens from a line.
Source words(+Input, -Words) is det[multifile]
Turn the Input into a list of w(Word, Len, Attributes) terms.