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obfuscate.pl -- Code obfuscating
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This module provides an implementation for obfuscate_identifiers/1, a hook into library(qsave) that allows mapping atoms to other atoms while creating a saved state.

This library is used by qsave_program/2 and the -c option. The following is good way to create a binary version of your code that runs on a machine with the same version of SWI-Prolog installed.

swipl -o myprog -O --autoload=false --obfuscate=true -c load.pl

This implementation is overly conservative: atoms are only renamed if they are used once. This is verified by checking the atom reference count. If this is 1, the atom is only used in the functor that defines the predicate.

To be done
- Using the current obfuscation scheme we must verify that all usage of an atom refers to a predicate name. Right now, declarations such as :- dynamic p/1. ensure p is used in p/1 and p(_) and thus has two references.