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prolog_deps.pl -- Compute file dependencies
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This module computes file dependencies for modules as a set of directives.

Source file_autoload_directives(+File, -Directives, +Options) is det
Compute the dependencies as autoload/2 directives. Options
If true (default false), only generate directives for called predicates that are not already imported.
Directive to use for adding dependencies. Defined options are:
(Default). This uses use_module/2 for files that cannot be imported using use_autoload/2.
This uses use_module/1 for files that cannot be imported using use_autoload/1.
Updated an existing set of directives. The returned set of Directive starts with copies of Old. If a member of Old is autoload/2 or use_module/2, new dependencies are added at the end of this list. New dependent files are added after the modified copies of Old. Declared dependencies are never removed, even if no proof of usage is found.

If no directive(+Directive) option is provided a default is determined from the given directives.

Source file_auto_import(+File, +Options)
Update the autoload/2 directives for File. This predicate modifies the file in place. Defined options are:
Create a backup of File using Extension.