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Prolog files

pce_autoload.plShow source
pce_autoload/2States class `ClassName' can be created by loading the Prolog file `FileSpec'.Source
pce_autoload_all/0Load all classes declared using the pce_autoload/2 directive.Source
pce_editor.plShow source
pce_error.plShow source
pce_catch_error/2Run goal, fail silently on indicated errors.Source
pce_expand.plShow source
pce_expansion.plShow source
pce_global.plShow source
pce_global/2Register Goal to be a goal that creates @Reference.Source
pce_goal_expansion.plShow source
pce_keybinding.plShow source
binding/3Specify bindings for alternative key-binding-styles.Source
pce_pl.plShow source
pce_portray.plShow source
prolog_clause_name/2Translate the reference to a method-clause into the corresponding method.Source
prolog_predicate_name/2Hook used by the Prolog graphical tracer to display the frames in the stack.Source
pce_principal.plShow source
free/1Delete object if it exists.Source
get/4See the comments with send/[3-12].Source
get_implementation/4As send_implementation/3, but for get-methods.Source
send/3Succeeds if sending a message to Object with Selector and the given Arguments succeeds.Source
send_implementation/3Method-bodies are compiled into clauses for this predicate.Source
pce_realise.plShow source