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persistent_frame.pl -- Save/restore layout of XPCE windows
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This library defines the class persistent_frame, a subclass of class frame remembering its geometry and optionally (by default on) the subwindow layout.

This class cooperates with the library(pce_config), a generic package for managing application preferences. It collects the locations of user frames in the file <profile-dir>/Geometry.cnf

Geometry information is stored in the internal configuration DB (see library(pce_config)) if a frame is closed or on exit from the application. The internal database is written to tehe above mentioned file on exit from the application.

Somehow the system must identify the frame to decide which geometry to use. This is done using the <->geometry_key. If not set, this is the classname or, if the class is not subclassed it is the <-label of the frame.

Exploiting this library is very simple, just make your toplevel windows for which you want the geometry remembered a subclass of class persistent_frame rather than class frame. Note that this implies you have to create your frame explitely:

    new(F, persistent_frame('Pretty Application')),
    send(F, geometry_key, pretty_app),
    send(F, append, new(D, dialog)),
    send(new(V, view), right, D),