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Predicate rdf_load_stream/3
 rdf_load_stream(+Format, +Stream, :Options)[multifile, library(semweb/rdf_db)]
Load RDF data from Stream.
To be done
- Handle mime-types?
 rdf_db:rdf_load_stream(+Format, +Stream, :Options) is semidet[multifile, library(semweb/rdf_ntriples)]
Plugin rule that supports loading the ntriples and nquads formats.
 rdf_db:rdf_load_stream(+Format, +Stream, :Options)[multifile, library(semweb/turtle)]
(Turtle clauses)
 rdf_db:rdf_load_stream(+Format, +Stream, :Options)[multifile, library(semweb/rdfa)]
Register library(semweb/rdfa) as loader for HTML RDFa files.
To be done
- Which options need to be forwarded to read_rdfa/3?