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SWI7compound_name_arguments/3, compound_name_arity/3, style_check/1

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rdf/3Queries that include the object term `literal(lang(_,Lex))` also return RDF asse ...
http_open/3Two examples in which the URI is specified as a list of components, both denotin ...
rdf_statistics/1Older versions of this predicate used to support `core(-Core)`, which would retu ...
read/1This requires the last two characters to be dot and newline (in that order).
archive_entries/2`Archive` is a file, not an archive handle returned by `archive_open/3`. The lis ...
rdf_current_literal/1Notice that `Literal` does not include the outer literal/1 predicate.
round/1In the documentation the phrase "nearest integer" is ambiguous for half-integers ...
style_check/1In SWI7 (7.1.24) support for atom style checking was dropped because the limit o ...
expand_file_name/2A specific way in which the `{...}` wildcard behaves differently from the one in Bash is that Bash does not perform brace expansion for 0 or 1 arguments, whereas expand_file_name/2 does perform expansion in these cases. [Bash reference](https://www.gnu.org/software/bash/manual/bashref.html#Brace-Expansion): "A correctly-formed brace expansion must contain unquoted opening and closing braces, and at least one unquoted comma or a valid sequence expression.
thread_pool_create/3What does `Size` denote?
uri_query_components/2Be careful when combining this predicate with uri_components/2: if an URI has no query/search component, the following throws an instantiation exception: ```prolog uri_components(Uri, uri_components(_, _, _, Query, _), uri_query_components(String, Query), ```
atomic_list_concat/3Predicate atomic_list_concat/3 is ambiguous for the following call: ~~~ ?- atomi ...
Sec. 4.13Two nice tutorials about how to use DCGs / difference lists: - [By Anne Ogborn]( ...
rdf_resource/1This predicate does not really enumerate RDF resources, which are the entities d ...
process_create/3Some examples: [1] will not work, but [2] will. ```prolog [1] process_create(pat ...
Sec. 3.5Detail what `Peer` is and what values it can take, i.e., compound terms of the f ...
**/2=Notice that the precedence of `(**)/2` is `xfx`, which is different from that o ...
op/3`xfx` is useful for defining operators that do not evaluate to a value that has ...
context_module/1Direct use of this predicate is deprecated.
module_transparent/1Direct use of this predicate is deprecated.
rdf_update/4Notice that use of this predicate may result in duplicates: ```prolog ?- [librar ...
absolute_file_name/3If option `file_type(directory)` is used the directory denoted by `Spec` *must* ...
Sec. 2.3Goals that appear after `-g` can be wrapped into double quotes in order to avoid warnings, e.g., [1] does not work in Bash but [2] does: ```sh [1] $ swipl -g pack_install(rdf_ext) -g halt bash: syntax error near unexpected token `(' [2] $ swipl -g "pack_install(rdf_ext)" -g halt ```
tmp_file/2This predicate can do something that tmp_file_stream/3` cannot do: it can create temporary directories.

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Prolog binding for uriparser
Prolog Starter Project
Prolog RDF Library
Prolog Library Collection
Prolog binding for ImageMagick
Prolog-based graph visualization
Geospatial support in Prolog
A simple package manager for SWI-Prolog.
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