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Triple20 -- An RDF/RDFS/OWL visualization and editing tool

Triple20 is a both an XPCE/Prolog library and a stand alone application for visualizing and editing RDF ontologies. The library builds on top of the semantic web package for storing RDF models and can be used together with this package for analysing and debugging the RDF model.


Key features

Unrestricted model
Triple20 uses the model-view-controller paradigm where the model is the raw RDF triple model. This allows it to provide multiple low- and high-level consistent views on the same data and ensures it can express anything that can be expressed by RDF. A plugin interface to extend and add views is under development.
Triple20 requires about 80Mb memory per million triples which can be loaded in aprox. 3 seconds from its proprietary cached data format or 75 seconds from RDF/XML (AMD 1600+).
Multiple ontologies
Triple20 can load ontologies from multiple files, present them in a unified model. This model can be edited and changes can be written to the appropriate files.
Unrestricted undo/redo
Editing uses mostly direct manipulation (drag and drop) and any edit operation can be reverted, providing safe and intuitive access to the model.


Triple20 often requires SWI-Prolog with the semweb library and XPCE for graphics. These components are default components of the SWI-Prolog source and binary releases.

Downloading Triple20

Triple20 can be downloaded from its GIT repository through GIT or your browser. For GIT (preferred), use

git clone git://eculture.cs.vu.nl/home/git/eculture/triple20.git

If you wish to use your browser for a one-time download, go to the repository and download the desired (typically most recent) snapshot link at the right of the shortlog table. The downloaded archive is in Unix tar format, which is also understood by WinZip.