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SWI-Prolog semweb package version 3

Starting at Nov 16, 2012, the GIT version of pl-devel.git is updated to version 3 of the RDF package. Highlights:

  • Clean transaction semantics
  • Concurrent update and querying using the familiar Prolog logical update semantics
  • Concurrent modifications, including loading of RDF from multiple sources and restoring multiple named graphs from the persistent database.
  • Restoring and loading of RDF can be several times faster (depending on hardware, OS and data).
  • Memory consumption is approximately 30% higher. Can be tweaked down a little more at the cost of some performance reduction. See 3.12 Memory management considerations

Installation and basic functionality has been tested on Linux (Ubuntu 12.04 and 12.10), Windows and MacOS 10.7 (Lion).

This version works with the current ClioPatria. ClioPatria still works with the old version as well.

Documentation is uploaded to http://www.swi-prolog.org/download/doc/ (both PDF and HTML). Section 13 documents the (few and minor) implications for upgrading applications.

Version 2 has been given the GIT branch version2.