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Pack ape -- prolog/parser/prologfeatures.pl
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This module reimplements a part of the ProFIT transformation that is introduced in [1]. It transforms Prolog programms that contain feature structures into plain Prolog programs. The following constructs are supported (the numbers refer to the paper):

(1) Super > [Sub1, ..., Subn].
(3) Sort intro [Feature1:Restr1, ..., Featuren:Restrn].
(4) < Sort
(5) Feature ! Value
(6) Term & Term
(9) TemplateName := TemplateValue
( ) @ Template
( ) Term or Term

[1] Gregor Erbach. ProFIT: Prolog with Features, Inheritance and Templates. In Proceedings of the seventh conference on European chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics. Morgan Kaufmann Publishers Inc., 1995.

- Tobias Kuhn
- 2008-02-15
Reads the sourcefiles and transforms them by resolving the contained feature structures.