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Pack ape -- prolog/utils/drs_to_ruleml.pl
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This module converts the Attempto DRS into RuleML/folog as specified by David Hirtle in his thesis.

- Kaarel Kaljurand
- Tobias Kuhn
- 2012-08-23
See also
- http://www.ruleml.org/translator/
- Test RuleML validity.
- Test correspondence to Hirtle's specification. E.g. DRSs resulting from query sentences are currently incorrectly supported. (Note that Hirtle just rejects such DRSs.)
- Support ACE 5/5.5/6 extensions (e.g. RuleML supports NAF).
 drs_to_ruleml(+Drs:drs, -RuleML:functor) is det
Turn the DRS into RuleML/folog (in SWI Prolog's internal XML format) as specified in David Hirtle's thesis.