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Pack ape -- prolog/utils/drs_to_tptp.pl
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Converts DRSs to fof-axioms, except for yes/no question-conditions which are converted to fof-conjectures. Some DRS conditions are not supported, causing an exception to be thrown if encountered.

- Kaarel Kaljurand
- 2009-06-27


  • get rid of the ugly pretty-printer, use the one from tptp2X.main (TPTP2X.tgz)
  • support arith. expressions
  • TEST: every declared variable is used
  • TEST: every used variable is declared
  • TEST: the resulting Prolog term is syntactically correct if serialized with writeq using the TPTP operator definitions
  • TEST: every DRS that is not supported causes a useful exception-term to be thrown
  • Think about: ``John is Mary in the park.''
  • Think about: representation of plurals
  • Think about: "Therefore" (proposed by G. Sutcliffe), depends on ACE
 drs_to_tptplist(+Drs:drs, -TptpList:list) is det
Drs- is an Attempto DRS
TptpList- is a list of TPTP formulas
 drs_to_tptp(+Drs:drs, -Tptp:tptp) is det
Drs- is an Attempto DRS
Tptp- is a TPTP formula
Pretty-prints a list of TPTP formulas. The input formulas are expected not to have names, the names will be assigned using the scheme: 'f1', 'f2', 'f3', ...
TPTP pretty-printer. BUG: Should be replaced with something prettier.