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Pack blog_core -- prolog/bc/bc_data_config.pl
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 bc_config_get(+Name, -Value) is det
Retrieves the configuration entry. When the entry does not exist then an error error(no_config(Name)) is thrown.
 bc_config_set_api(+Actor, +Name, +Value) is det
Same as bc_config_set/2 but checks that the current API user is an admin.
 bc_config_set_list_api(+Actor, List) is det
Same as bc_config_set_api/2 but takes a list of configuration entries.
 bc_config_set(+Name, +Value) is det
Sets the configuration value. If the value does not exist yet, it is added.
 bc_config_list(+Actor, -List) is det
Retrieves the list of all config values. Returned list contains dicts config{ name: Name, value: Value }.
 bc_config_dict(-Dict) is det
Retrieves dict containing all config entries.