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Pack canny_tudor -- prolog/canny/z.pl
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 enz(+Data:list, +File) is semidet
Zips Data to File. Writes zip(Name:atom, Info:dict, MemFile:memory_file) functor triples to File where Name is the key; MemFile is the content as a memory file. Converts the Info dictionary to new-member options when building up the zipper. Ignores any non-valid key pairs, including offset plus compressed and uncompressed sizes.

The implementation asserts octet encoding for new files with a zipper. The predicate for creating a zipper member does not allow for an encoding option. It encodes as binary by default.

 unz(+File, -Data:list) is semidet
Unzips File to Data, a list of zip functors with Name atom, Info dictionary and MemFile content arguments.

You cannot apply unz/2 to an empty zip File. A bug crashes the entire Prolog run-time virtual machine.