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Pack matrix_utls -- README.md


This SWI-Prolog matrix utilities package consists of:

  1. Kronecker (Tensor) product,
  2. Hadamard (Element-Wise) product,
  3. Creating (MxN) matrix of empty cells,
  4. Creating (MxN) matrix of a unique (int/float/letters) value,
  5. Creating (MxN) matrix of random (int/float) values,
  6. Creating (MxM) Identity matrix,
  7. Scalar-by-Vector multiplication,
  8. Scalar-by-Matrix multiplication,
  9. Vector-by-Vector multiplication, 10. Vector-by-Matrix multiplication, 11. Matrix-by-Vector multiplication, and 12. Matrix-by-Matrix multiplication.


Checking Step:

Search for the package matrix_utls from SWI-Prolog command line using the pack_list/1 command. Note that, the leading i indicates that this package is already installed, and the leading p indicates that this package is known by the server.

?- pack_list(matrix_utls).

Loading Step:

After finding the package matrix_utls on the server, then it can be installed using the pack_install/2 command.

% For matrix_utls version 1.0:
?- pack_install(matrix_utls, [url('https://albayaty.me/wp-content/uploads/matrix_utls-1.0.zip')]).


% For matrix_utls version 1.1:
?- pack_install(matrix_utls, [url('https://github.com/albayaty/matrix_utls.git')]).