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Pack pha -- prolog/library/priorityq.pl
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 pq_empty(?Q:pq(A)) is det
Unifies Q with an empty queue.
 pq_peek(-P:prio, -X:A, +Q:pq(A)) is semidet
Unify X with the item at the head of the queue if non-empty.
 pq_insert(+P:prio, +X:A, +Q1:pq(A), -Q2:pq(A)) is det
Insert an item into a queue.
 pq_remove(-P:prio, -X:A, +Q1:pq(A), -Q2:pq(A)) is semidet
Removes topmost value in the queue. Fails if queue empty.
 pq_size(+Q:pq(A), -N:natural) is det
Unifies N with the number of items in the queue.