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Pack plml -- prolog/plml_util.pl
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 mhelp(+Name:atom) is det
Lookup Matlab help on the given name. Equivalent to executing help(`X).
 compileoptions(+Opts:list(ml_options), -Prefs:ml_expr(options)) is det
Convert list of option specifiers into a Matlab expression representing options (ie a struct). Each specifier can be a Name:Value pair, a name to be looked up in the optionset/2 predicate, a nested list of ml_options compileoptions :: list (optionset | atom:value | struct) -> struct. NB. option types are as follows:
X :: ml_options :- optionset(X,_).
X :: ml_options :- X :: ml_option(_).
X :: ml_options :- X :: list(ml_options).
X :: ml_options :- X :: ml_expr(struct(_)).

ml_option(A) ---> atom:ml_expr(A).

Undocumented predicates

The following predicates are exported, but not or incorrectly documented.

 multiplot(Arg1, Arg2)