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A provider neutral maps component.

Weblog Licensed under LGPL

 geo_map(+Generator:closure)// is det
Geomap (map of Earth) component.

Generator is an arity n term that corresponds to an arity n+1 predicate.

geo_map//1 will repeatedly query Generator for information and build up the map. The final argument may be

  • provider(-Name) one of leaflet or google. default google
  • id(-ID) The map div id and javascript variable name will be set to this. default lmap or gmap depending on provider. must be valid javascript identifier as atom.
  • zoom(Zoom) The zoom level. Provider specific how this maps to a viewport. Default 14
  • center(Lat, Long) center map view here. defaults to average of points
  • point(-Lat, -Long) A marker will be placed at this point
  • icon_for(+point(Lat, Long), -IconName) icon to use for this point. default is provider default icon.
  • tooltip_for(+point(Lat, Long), -ToolTipText) contents of tooltip default is no tooltip
  • popup_for(-HTML, +point(Lat, Long)) termerized HTML to put in popup
  • style(-Style) only meaningful for leaflet, is cloudmade style number
  • maptype(-Type) only meaningful for google maps, is the constant for google.maps.MapTypeId (one of 'HYBRID', 'ROADMAP', 'SATELLITE', 'TERRAIN')

Defining icon types means binding an icon/3 for each type, then binding all the properties

  • icon(-Name, -ImageSource, -ShadowSource) Defines an icon type name. The actual javascript names are common for all maps with same provider, so you should only define the icons for each map provider once.

Defining an icon requires that the following be defined for each icon type name:

  • * icon_size(+Name, X, Y) size of icon image
  • * shadow_size(+Name, X, Y) size of shadow image
  • * icon_anchor(+Name, X, Y) offset from UL of image to the point touching the spot on the map
  • * shadow_anchor(+Name, X, Y) offset from UL of shadow image to the point touching the spot on map
  • * popup_anchor(+Name, X, Y) offset from the point touching map to where the popup appears (so, eg, Y coord is often negative)
To be done
- add an example to docs
 average_geopoints(+Points:list, -MeanPoint:point) is det
returns 0,0 for empty list