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Package "r_session"

Title:Interface to an R process
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Latest version:1.1
SHA1 sum:a63b7ddd78aa26d95c32b6beb5e11ae3d5f7a8e6
Author:Nicos Angelopoulos http://stoics.org.uk/~nicos
Home page:http://stoics.org.uk/~nicos/sware/r_session
Download URL:http://stoics.org.uk/~nicos/sware/packs/r_session/r_session-*.tgz


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SWI-Prolog interface to R

This package provides library(r_session) that allows for communicating with The R Project for Statistical Computing. This package has been developed by Nicos Angelopoulos and has been part of the SWI-Prolog default packages for several years as library('R').

This library has been superseeded by the real pack, which provides a much faster and robust interface to R by embedding the R dynamic library in Prolog using the foreign library interface. Still, the process based approach can come handy:

  • It may be easier to install (depending on the platform)
  • It can run R on a remote computer that provides more resources
  • Multiple R engines may be created and destroyed.
  • On some platforms, R cannot open graphical windows when embedded in Prolog.

Documentation about this pack is in doc/r_session.html and a simple demo is in examples/r_demo.pl.

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Pack contains 38 files holding a total of 328K bytes.