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Prolog files

bim.plShow source
hprolog.pl  -- hProlog compatibility libraryShow source
ifprolog.pl  -- IF/Prolog compatibility packageShow source
sicstus.pl  -- SICStus 3 compatibility libraryShow source
bb_delete/2SICStus compatible blackboard routines.Source
bb_get/2SICStus compatible blackboard routines.Source
bb_put/2SICStus compatible blackboard routines.Source
bb_update/3SICStus compatible blackboard routines.Source
create_mutable/2Create a mutable term with the given initial Value.Source
get_mutable/2True if Value unifies with the current value of Mutable.Source
if/3Same as SWI-Prolog soft-cut construct.Source
is_mutable/1True if Term is bound to a mutable term.Source
prolog_flag/3Query and set a Prolog flag.Source
read_line/1Read a line from the given or current input.Source
read_line/2Read a line from the given or current input.Source
rename_module/2True if RenamedSICSTusModule is the name that we use for the SICStus native module SICStusModule.Source
trimcore/0Trims the stacks and releases unused heap memory to the operating system where possible.Source
update_mutable/2Set the value of Mutable to Value.Source
use_module/3This predicate can be used to import from a named module while the file-location of the module is unknown or to get access to the module-name loaded from a file.Source
sicstus4.pl  -- SICStus 4 compatibility libraryShow source
xsb.pl  -- XSB Prolog compatibility layerShow source
yap.pl  -- YAP Compatibility moduleShow source