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http_error.pl -- Decorate uncaught HTTP exceptions with stack-trace
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This module decorates uncaught exceptions of the user code with a full stack-trace and sends error reports to the Prolog console. The behaviour can be controlled by

  • nodebug(http(error)) After disabling the http(error) debug channal, errors are only sent to the client. See nodebug/1 and debug/1.
  • set_setting(http:client_backtrace, false) Stop sending stack traces to the client. Note that sending the stack trace to the client simplifies debugging, it also provides clues to hackers on how to compromise your site. The more information you give them, the easier it is to break into your server! See set_setting/2 and set_setting_default/2.
  • assert(http_error:suppress_code(Code)) makes this library become silent for replies with a matching HTTP status code. This may be used to suppress >400 replies that are "normal" in the application.