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prolog_history.pl -- Per-directory persistent commandline history
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This module implements persistency of the commandline history over Prolog sessions on Prolog installations that are based on the GNU readline library (default for the development version on Unix systems).

The history is stored in the directory <config>/dir-history. For each directory for which it keeps the history, there is file whose name is the base32 encoding of the directory path.

This file is normally loaded when Prolog is started if user_input is a terminal and the system supports history.

Source history_directory(-Dir) is semidet[private]
Dir is the directory where the per-directory history databases are stored.
Source dir_history_file(+Dir, -File) is det[private]
dir_history_file(?Dir, ?File) is nondet[private]
File is the history file for a Prolog session running in Dir.
Source prolog_history(+Action) is det
Execute Action on the history. Action is one of
Enable history. First loads history for the current directory. Loading the history is done at most once.
Sets the Prolog flag save_history to false, such that the history is not saved on halt.