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SWI-Prolog rules !

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bagof/3There is a typo that could be confusing in the comment above by @LogicalCaptain ...
Sec. A.35A limitation of library(pio) is that tabling cannot be used in the grammar produ ...
Sec. 5Beware of the autoloaded declaration from tabling: ``` ?- current_op(X,Y,table). X = 1150, Y = fx. ``` Indeed, it makes your XPATHs containing .../table/... syntactically wrong (or even semantically, I haven't checked). You can disable the declaration with this directive ``` :- op(0,fx,table). ```
op/3If you need to use library(xpath), beware of the autoloaded declaration from tab ...
*->/2Always struggled to find an application of this construct. Seems that SQL outer ...
I disagree with _The SWI-Prolog web framework (obviously) does not replace the O ...
atomic_list_concat/3a simple, useful application: -------- ~~~~ %% replace_word(+Old, +New, +Orig, - ...
The [mailing list archive](http://news.gmane.org/gmane.comp.lang.swi-prolog.gene ...
Sec. A.44Maybe I'm missing the relevant bits or docs, but the simplest use case - long at ...
Sec. that a reference to discussions following recent changes could help... [he ...
This [StackOverflow question](http://stackoverflow.com/q/24602416/874024) eviden ...
multifile/1YAP documentation it's a bit more explicit, I cite from [there](http://www.dcc.f ...
json_object/1This is more a test of the tagging system.
permutation/2on [stackoverflow](http://stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/prolog), an [intere ...

Packages by Carlo Capelli

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Goal directed ASP solver
Load XML of directory content.
On my way to a SWISH enabled BPL - a FLI exercise
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Pack: dcg_util
A practical tool, and very instructive also. Just a downside: it exports the non terminal *eos*//0, currently conflicting with library(dcg/basics). I've been forced to comment out the declaration.
Sunday 04 September 2016, Carlo Capelli
Pack: plgi
only a word: awesome !
Sunday 01 November 2015, Carlo Capelli
Pack: callgraph
Awesome, maybe I will integrate in loqt.
Wednesday 17 December 2014, Carlo Capelli