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Predicate xref_public_list/6
Availability::- use_module(library(prolog_xref)).(can be autoloaded)
 xref_public_list(+File, -Path, -Export, +Src) is semidet
 xref_public_list(+File, -Path, -Module, -Export, -Meta, +Src) is semidet
 xref_public_list(+File, -Path, -Module, -Export, -Public, -Meta, +Src) is semidet
Find meta-information about File. This predicate reads all terms upto the first term that is not a directive. It uses the module and meta_predicate directives to assemble the information described below.

These predicates fail if File is not a module-file.

Path- is the canonical path to File
Module- is the module defined in Path
Export- is a list of predicate indicators.
Meta- is a list of heads as they appear in meta_predicate/1 declarations.
Src- is the place from which File is referenced.
- New code should use xref_public_list/3, which unifies all variations using an option list.