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Prolog files

aggregate.pl  -- Aggregation operators on backtrackable predicatesShow source
ansi_term.pl  -- Print decorated text to ANSI consolesShow source
ansi_format/3Format text with ANSI attributes.Source
ansi_get_color/2Obtain the RGB color for an ANSI color parameter.Source
ansi_hyperlink/2Create a hyperlink for a terminal emulator.Source
ansi_hyperlink/3Create a hyperlink for a terminal emulator.Source
console_color/2Hook that allows for mapping abstract terms to concrete ANSI attributes.
message_line_element/2Hook implementation that deals with ansi(+Attr, +Fmt, +Args) in message specifications.Source
apply.pl  -- Apply predicates on a listShow source
apply_macros.pl  -- Goal expansion rules to avoid meta-callingShow source
apply_macros_sentinel/0Used to detect that library(apply_macros) is loaded into the current context explicitly.Source
expand_phrase/2Provide goal-expansion for PhraseGoal.Source
expand_phrase/4Provide goal-expansion for PhraseGoal.Source
arithmetic.pl  -- Extensible arithmeticShow source
assoc.pl  -- Binary associationsShow source
assoc_to_keys/2True if Keys is the list of keys in Assoc.Source
assoc_to_list/2Translate Assoc to a list Pairs of Key-Value pairs.Source
assoc_to_values/2True if Values is the list of values in Assoc.Source
del_assoc/4True if Key-Value is in Assoc0.Source
del_max_assoc/4True if Key-Value is in Assoc0 and Key is the greatest key.Source
del_min_assoc/4True if Key-Value is in Assoc0 and Key is the smallest key.Source
empty_assoc/1Is true if Assoc is the empty association list.Source
gen_assoc/3True if Key-Value is an association in Assoc.Source
get_assoc/3True if Key-Value is an association in Assoc.Source
get_assoc/5True if Key-Val0 is in Assoc0 and Key-Val is in Assoc.Source
is_assoc/1True if Assoc is an association list.Source
list_to_assoc/2Create an association from a list Pairs of Key-Value pairs.Source
map_assoc/2True if Pred(Value) is true for all values in Assoc.Source
map_assoc/3Map corresponding values.Source
max_assoc/3True if Key-Value is in Assoc and Key is the largest key.Source
min_assoc/3True if Key-Value is in assoc and Key is the smallest key.Source
ord_list_to_assoc/2Assoc is created from an ordered list Pairs of Key-Value pairs.Source
put_assoc/4Assoc is Assoc0, except that Key is associated with Value.Source
atom.pl  -- Operations on atomsShow source
backcomp.pl  -- Backward compatibilityShow source
base32.pl  -- Base32 encoding and decodingShow source
base64.pl  -- Base64 encoding and decodingShow source
broadcast.pl  -- Event serviceShow source
charsio.pl  -- I/O on Lists of Character CodesShow source
check.pl  -- Consistency checkingShow source
check/0Run all consistency checks defined by checker/2.Source
checker/2Register code validation routines.Source
list_autoload/0Report predicates that may be auto-loaded.Source
list_cross_module_calls/0List calls from one module to another using Module:Goal where the callee is not defined exported, public or multifile, i.e., where the callee should be considered private.Source
list_format_errors/0List argument errors for format/2,3.Source
list_format_errors/1List argument errors for format/2,3.Source
list_rationals/0List rational numbers that appear in clauses.Source
list_rationals/1List rational numbers that appear in clauses.Source
list_redefined/0Lists predicates that are defined in the global module user as well as in a normal module; that is, predicates for which the local definition overrules the global default definition.Source
list_strings/0List strings that appear in clauses.Source
list_strings/1List strings that appear in clauses.Source
list_trivial_fails/0List goals that trivially fail because there is no matching clause.Source
list_trivial_fails/1List goals that trivially fail because there is no matching clause.Source
list_undefined/0Report undefined predicates.Source
list_undefined/1Report undefined predicates.Source
list_void_declarations/0List predicates that have declared attributes, but no clauses.Source
string_predicate/1Multifile hook to disable list_strings/0 on the given predicate.Source
trivial_fail_goal/1Multifile hook that tells list_trivial_fails/0 to accept Goal as valid.Source
valid_string_goal/1Multifile hook that qualifies Goal as valid for list_strings/0.Source
check_installation.pl  -- Check installation issues and featuresShow source
check_config_files/0Examines the locations of config files.Source
check_installation/0Check features of the installed system.Source
check_installation/1As check_installation/0, but additionally returns a list of Component-Problem pairs.Source
test_installation/0Run regression tests in the installed system.Source
test_installation/1Run regression tests in the installed system.Source
update_config_files/0Move config files from their old location to the new if the file or directory exists in the old location but not in the new.Source
codesio.pl  -- I/O on Lists of Character CodesShow source
coinduction.pl  -- Co-Logic ProgrammingShow source
console_input.plShow source
csv.pl  -- Process CSV (Comma-Separated Values) dataShow source
csv/3Prolog DCG to `read/write' CSV data.Source
csv/4Prolog DCG to `read/write' CSV data.Source
csv_options/2Compiled is the compiled representation of the CSV processing options as they may be passed into csv//2, etc.Source
csv_read_file/2Read a CSV file into a list of rows.Source
csv_read_file/3Read a CSV file into a list of rows.Source
csv_read_file_row/3True when Row is a row in File.Source
csv_read_row/3Read the next CSV record from Stream and unify the result with Row.Source
csv_read_stream/3Read CSV data from Stream.Source
csv_write_file/2Write a list of Prolog terms to a CSV file.Source
csv_write_file/3Write a list of Prolog terms to a CSV file.Source
csv_write_stream/3Write the rows in Data to Stream.Source
ctypes.pl  -- Character code classificationShow source
is_digit/3Succeeds if `C' is a digit using `Base' as base and `Weight' represents its value.Source
is_paren/2True if Open is the open-parenthesis of Close.Source
to_lower/2Downcase a character code.Source
to_upper/2Upcase a character code.Source
upper_lower/2True when U is the character code of an uppercase character and L is the character code of the corresponding lowercase character.Source
date.pl  -- Process dates and timesShow source
debug.pl  -- Print debug messages and test assertionsShow source
assertion_failed/2This hook is called if the Goal of assertion/1 fails.
debug_print_hook/3Hook called by debug/3.Source
assertion/1Acts similar to C assert() macro.Source
debug/1Add/remove a topic from being printed.Source
debug/3Format a message if debug topic is enabled.Source
debug_message_context/1Specify additional context for debug messages.Source
debugging/1Examine debug topics.Source
debugging/2Examine debug topics.Source
list_debug_topics/0List currently known topics for debug/3 and their setting.Source
list_debug_topics/1List currently known topics for debug/3 and their setting.Source
nodebug/1Add/remove a topic from being printed.Source
dialect.pl  -- Support multiple Prolog dialectsShow source
dicts.pl  -- Dict utilitiesShow source
dif.pl  -- The dif/2 constraintShow source
edinburgh.pl  -- Some traditional Edinburgh predicatesShow source
edit.pl  -- Editor interfaceShow source
edit/0Edit associated or script file.Source
edit/1Edit indicated object.Source
edit_command/2This predicate should specify the shell-command called to invoke the user's editor.Source
locate/2Locate object from the specified location.Source
error.pl  -- Error generating supportShow source
explain.pl  -- Describe Prolog TermsShow source
explain/1Give an explanation on Term.Source
explain/2True when Explanation is an explanation of Term.Source
fastrw.pl  -- Fast reading and writing of termsShow source
fast_read/1The next term is read from current standard input and is unified with Term.Source
fast_write/1Output Term in a way that fast_read/1 and fast_read/2 will be able to read it back.Source
fast_write_to_string/3Perform a fast-write to the difference-slist String\Tail.Source
files.plShow source
gensym.pl  -- Generate unique symbolsShow source
git.pl  -- Run GIT commandsShow source
git/2Run a GIT command.Source
git_branches/2True when Branches is the list of branches in the repository.Source
git_default_branch/2True when BranchName is the current branch of a repository.Source
git_default_branch/2True when BranchName is the default branch of a repository.Source
git_describe/2Describe the running version based on GIT tags and hashes.Source
git_hash/2Return the hash of the indicated object.Source
git_ls_remote/3Execute git ls-remote against the remote repository to fetch references from the remote.Source
git_ls_tree/2True when Entries is a list of entries in the the GIT repository, Each entry is a term:.Source
git_open_file/4Open the file File in the given bare GIT repository on the given branch (treeisch).Source
git_process_output/3Run a git-command and process the output with OnOutput, which is called as call(OnOutput, Stream).Source
git_remote_branches/2Exploit git_ls_remote/3 to fetch the branches from a remote repository without downloading it.Source
git_remote_url/3URL is the remote (fetch) URL for the given Remote.Source
git_shortlog/3Fetch information like the GitWeb change overview.Source
git_show/4Fetch info from a GIT commit.Source
git_tags/2True when Tags is a list of git tags defined on the repository.Source
git_tags_on_branch/3Tags is a list of tags in Branch on the GIT repository Dir, most recent tag first.Source
is_git_directory/1True if Directory is a git directory (Either checked out or bare).Source
is_git_hash/1True when Atom represents a GIT hash, i.e., a 40 digit hexadecimal string.Source
hashtable.pl  -- Hash tablesShow source
ht_del/3Delete Key-Value from HT.Source
ht_gen/3True when Key-Value is in HT.Source
ht_get/3True when Key is in HT and associated with Value.Source
ht_is_hashtable/1True when HT is a hash table.Source
ht_keys/2True when Keys is an ordered set of all keys in HT.Source
ht_new/1Create a new hash table.Source
ht_pairs/2True when Pairs and HT represent the same association.Source
ht_put/3Add a Key-Value to HT.Source
ht_put/5Add Key-Value to HT.Source
ht_put_new/3As ht_put/3, but fails if Key is already in HT instead of updating the associated value.Source
ht_size/2True when Size is the number of key-value pairs in HT.Source
ht_update/4True when HT holds Key-Old before and Key-New after this call.Source
heaps.pl  -- heaps/priority queuesShow source
help.pl  -- Text based manualShow source
apropos/1Print objects from the manual whose name or summary match with Query.Source
help/0Show help for What.Source
help/1Show help for What.Source
show_html_hook/1Hook called to display the extracted HTML document.Source
hotfix.pl  -- Load hotfixes into executablesShow source
increval.pl  -- Incremental dynamic predicate modificationShow source
incr_directly_depends/2True if Goal1 depends on Goal2 in the IDG.Source
incr_invalid_subgoals/1List is a sorted list (set) of the incremental subgoals that are currently invalid.Source
incr_invalidate_call/1This is the XSB name, but the manual says incr_invalidate_calls/1 and the comment with the code suggests this is misnamed.Source
incr_invalidate_calls/1Invalidate all tables for subgoals of Goal as well as tables that are affected by these.Source
incr_is_invalid/1True when Subgoal's table is marked as invalid.Source
incr_propagate_calls/1Activate the monotonic answer propagation similarly to when a new fact is asserted for a monotonic dynamic predicate.Source
incr_table_update/0Updated all invalid tables.Source
incr_trans_depends/2True for each pair in the transitive closure of incr_directly_depends(G1, G2).Source
is_incremental_subgoal/1This predicate non-deterministically unifies Subgoal with incrementally tabled subgoals that are currently table entries.Source
intercept.pl  -- Intercept and signal interfaceShow source
iostream.pl  -- Utilities to deal with streamsShow source
lazy_lists.pl  -- Lazy list handlingShow source
lazy_engine_next/4Lazy list iterator for engines.Source
lazy_findall/3True when List is a lazy list containing the instantiations for Template for each answer of Goal.Source
lazy_findall/4True when List is a lazy list containing the instantiations for Template for each answer of Goal.Source
lazy_get_codes/4Lazy list iterator to get character codes from a stream.Source
lazy_list/2Create a lazy list from a callback.Source
lazy_list/3Create a lazy list where the next element is defined by.Source
lazy_list_iterator/4Directive to create a lazy list iterator from a predicate that gets a single next value.Source
lazy_list_length/2True if Len is the length of the materialized lazy list.Source
lazy_list_materialize/1Materialize the lazy list.Source
lazy_message_queue/4Lazy list iterator for message queues.Source
lazy_read_lines/4Lazy list iterator to read lines from Stream.Source
lazy_read_terms/4Turn a stream into a lazy list of Prolog terms.Source
listing.pl  -- List programs and pretty print clausesShow source
lists.pl  -- List ManipulationShow source
macros.pl  -- Macro expansionShow source
main.pl  -- Provide entry point for scriptsShow source
make.pl  -- Reload modified source filesShow source
make/0Reload all source files that have been changed since they were loaded.Source
make_reload_file/1Reload file into the proper module.Source
modules.pl  -- Module utility predicatesShow source
nb_rbtrees.pl  -- Non-backtrackable operations on red black treesShow source
nb_rb_get_node/3True if Node is the node in RBTree associated to Key.Source
nb_rb_insert/3Add Key-Value to the tree RBTree using non-backtrackable destructive assignment.Source
nb_rb_node_value/2Value is the value associated to Node.Source
nb_rb_set_node_value/2Associate Value with Node.Source
nb_set.pl  -- Non-backtrackable setsShow source
obfuscate.pl  -- Code obfuscatingShow source
occurs.pl  -- Finding and counting sub-termsShow source
contains_term/2Succeeds if Sub is contained in Term (=, deterministically).Source
contains_var/2Succeeds if Sub is contained in Term (==, deterministically).Source
free_of_term/2Succeeds of Sub does not unify to any subterm of Term.Source
free_of_var/2Succeeds of Sub is not equal (==) to any subterm of Term.Source
occurrences_of_term/3Count the number of SubTerms in Term that unify with SubTerm.Source
occurrences_of_var/3Count the number of SubTerms in Term that are equal to SubTerm.Source
sub_term/2Generates (on backtracking) all subterms of Term.Source
sub_term_shared_variables/3If Sub is a sub term of Term, Vars is bound to the list of variables in Sub that also appear outside Sub in Term.Source
sub_var/2Generates (on backtracking) all subterms (==) of Term.Source
operators.pl  -- Manage operatorsShow source
option.pl  -- Option list processingShow source
optparse.pl  -- command line parsingShow source
opt_arguments/3Extract commandline options according to a specification.Source
opt_help/2True when Help is a help string synthesized from OptsSpec.Source
opt_parse/4Equivalent to opt_parse(OptsSpec, ApplArgs, Opts, PositionalArgs, []).Source
opt_parse/5Parse the arguments Args (as list of atoms) according to OptsSpec.Source
parse_type/3Hook to parse option text Codes to an object of type Type.Source
ordsets.pl  -- Ordered set manipulationShow source
is_ordset/1True if Term is an ordered set.Source
list_to_ord_set/2Transform a list into an ordered set.Source
ord_add_element/3Insert an element into the set.Source
ord_del_element/3Delete an element from an ordered set.Source
ord_disjoint/2True if Set1 and Set2 have no common elements.Source
ord_empty/1True when List is the empty ordered set.Source
ord_intersect/2True if both ordered sets have a non-empty intersection.Source
ord_intersect/3Intersection holds the common elements of Set1 and Set2.Source
ord_intersection/2Intersection of a powerset.Source
ord_intersection/3Intersection holds the common elements of Set1 and Set2.Source
ord_intersection/4Intersection and difference between two ordered sets.Source
ord_memberchk/2True if Element is a member of OrdSet, compared using ==.Source
ord_selectchk/3Selectchk/3, specialised for ordered sets.Source
ord_seteq/2True if Set1 and Set2 have the same elements.Source
ord_subset/2Is true if all elements of Sub are in Super.Source
ord_subtract/3Diff is the set holding all elements of InOSet that are not in NotInOSet.Source
ord_symdiff/3Is true when Difference is the symmetric difference of Set1 and Set2.Source
ord_union/2True if Union is the union of all elements in the superset SetOfSets.Source
ord_union/3Union is the union of Set1 and Set2.Source
ord_union/4True iff ord_union(Set1, Set2, Union) and ord_subtract(Set2, Set1, New).Source
oset.pl  -- Ordered set manipulationShow source
pairs.pl  -- Operations on key-value listsShow source
group_pairs_by_key/2Group values with equivalent (==/2) consecutive keys.Source
map_list_to_pairs/3Create a Key-Value list by mapping each element of List.Source
pairs_keys/2Remove the values from a list of Key-Value pairs.Source
pairs_keys_values/3True if Keys holds the keys of Pairs and Values the values.Source
pairs_values/2Remove the keys from a list of Key-Value pairs.Source
transpose_pairs/2Swap Key-Value to Value-Key.Source
persistency.pl  -- Provide persistent dynamic predicatesShow source
pio.pl  -- Pure I/OShow source
portray_text.pl  -- Portray textShow source
pprint.pl  -- Pretty Print Prolog termsShow source
predicate_options.pl  -- Access and analyse predicate optionsShow source
prolog_autoload.pl  -- Autoload all dependenciesShow source
prolog_breakpoints.pl  -- Manage Prolog break-pointsShow source
prolog_clause.pl  -- Get detailed source-information about a clauseShow source
clause_info/4Fetches source information for the given clause.Source
clause_info/5Fetches source information for the given clause.Source
clause_name/2Provide a suitable description of the indicated clause.Source
initialization_layout/4Find term-layout of :- initialization directives.Source
make_varnames/5Create a Term varnames(...) where each argument contains the name of the variable at that offset.Source
open_source/2Hook into clause_info/5 that opens the stream holding the source for a specific clause.Source
predicate_name/2Describe a predicate as [Module:]Name/Arity.Source
unify_goal/5This hook is called to fix up source code manipulations that result from goal expansions.Source
unify_term/2Unify the two terms, where T2 is created by writing the term and reading it back in, but be aware that rounding problems may cause floating point numbers not to unify.Source
prolog_code.pl  -- Utilities for reasoning about codeShow source
prolog_codewalk.pl  -- Prolog code walkerShow source
prolog_colour.pl  -- Prolog syntax colouring support.Show source
prolog_config.pl  -- Provide configuration informationShow source
prolog_config/2Get information on the configuration of the current Prolog system.Source
prolog_dump_runtime_variables/0Dump the current configuration in shell format.Source
prolog_coverage.pl  -- Coverage analysis toolShow source
prolog_debug.pl  -- User level debugging toolsShow source
prolog_deps.pl  -- Compute file dependenciesShow source
file_auto_import/2Update the autoload/2 directives for File.Source
file_autoload_directives/3Compute the dependencies as autoload/2 directives.Source
prolog_evaluable.pl  -- Inspect properties of evaluable functionsShow source
prolog_format.pl  -- Analyse format specificationsShow source
prolog_history.pl  -- Per-directory persistent commandline historyShow source
prolog_history/1Execute Action on the history.Source
prolog_jiti.pl  -- Just In Time Indexing (JITI) utilitiesShow source
prolog_metainference.pl  -- Infer meta-predicate propertiesShow source
prolog_pack.pl  -- A package manager for PrologShow source
prolog_profile.pl  -- Execution profilerShow source
profile/1Run once(Goal) under the execution profiler.Source
profile/2Run once(Goal) under the execution profiler.Source
profile_data/1Gather all relevant data from profiler.Source
profile_procedure_data/2Collect data for Pred.Source
show_profile/1Display last collected profiling data.Source
prolog_source.pl  -- Examine Prolog source-filesShow source
prolog_stack.pl  -- Examine the Prolog stackShow source
backtrace/1Get and print a stacktrace to the user_error stream.Source
get_prolog_backtrace/2Obtain a backtrace from the current location.Source
get_prolog_backtrace/3Obtain a backtrace from the current location.Source
print_last_choicepoint/0Print details on the last open choice point.Source
print_prolog_backtrace/2Print a stacktrace in human readable form to Stream.Source
print_prolog_backtrace/3Print a stacktrace in human readable form to Stream.Source
prolog_stack_frame_property/2True when Property is a property of Frame.Source
stack_guard/1Dynamic multifile hook that is normally not defined.Source
stack_guard/1Dynamic multifile predicate.Source
prolog_trace.pl  -- Print access to predicatesShow source
prolog_versions.pl  -- Demand specific (Prolog) versionsShow source
cmp_versions/3Compare to versions.Source
require_prolog_version/2Claim that the running Prolog version is at least version Required and provides the requested Features.Source
require_version/3Require Component to have version CmpRequired, while Component is know to have version Available.Source
prolog_wrap.pl  -- Wrapping predicatesShow source
prolog_xref.pl  -- Prolog cross-referencer data collectionShow source
called_by/2If this succeeds, the cross-referencer assumes Goal may call any of the goals in ListOfCalled.Source
called_by/4True when Called is a list of callable terms called from Goal, handled by the predicate Module:Goal and executed in the context of the module Context.Source
hook/1True if Goal is a hook that is called spontaneously (e.g., from foreign code).Source
meta_goal/2Define meta-predicates.Source
xref_called/3True when By is called from Called in Source.Source
xref_called/4True when By is called from Called in Source.Source
xref_called/5True when By is called from Called in Source.Source
xref_clean/1Reset the database for the given source.Source
xref_comment/3Is true when Source has a section comment with Title and Comment.Source
xref_comment/4Is true when Head in Source has the given PlDoc comment.Source
xref_current_source/1Check what sources have been analysed.Source
xref_defined/3Test if Goal is accessible in Source.Source
xref_definition_line/2If the 3th argument of xref_defined contains line info, return this in Line.Source
xref_done/2Cross-reference executed at Time.Source
xref_exported/2True when Source exports Head.Source
xref_hook/1Definition of known hooks.Source
xref_meta/2True when Called is a list of terms called from Head.Source
xref_meta/3True when Head calls Called in Source.Source
xref_mode/3Is true when Source provides a predicate with Mode and determinism.Source
xref_module/2True if Module is defined in Source.Source
xref_op/2Give the operators active inside the module.Source
xref_option/2True when Source was processed using Option.Source
xref_prolog_flag/4True when Flag is set to Value at Line in Source.Source
xref_public_list/3Find meta-information about File.Source
xref_public_list/4Find meta-information about File.Source
xref_public_list/6Find meta-information about File.Source
xref_public_list/7Find meta-information about File.Source
xref_source/1Generate the cross-reference data for Source if not already done and the source is not modified.Source
xref_source/2Generate the cross-reference data for Source if not already done and the source is not modified.Source
xref_source_file/3Find named source file from Spec, relative to Src.Source
xref_source_file/4Find named source file from Spec, relative to Src.Source
xref_uses_file/3True when Source tries to load a file using Spec.Source
pure_input.pl  -- Pure Input from files and streamsShow source
qpforeign.pl  -- Quintus compatible foreign loaderShow source
qsave.pl  -- Save current program as a state or executableShow source
arch_shlib/3This is a user defined hook called by qsave_program/2.Source
qsave_program/1Make a saved state in file `File'.Source
qsave_program/2Make a saved state in file `File'.Source
qsave_toplevel/0Called to handle `-c file` compilaton.Source
quasi_quotations.pl  -- Define Quasi Quotation syntaxShow source
phrase_from_quasi_quotation/2Process the quasi quotation using the DCG Grammar.Source
quasi_quotation_syntax/1Declare the predicate SyntaxName/4 to implement the the quasi quote syntax SyntaxName.Source
quasi_quotation_syntax_error/1Report syntax_error(Error) using the current location in the quasi quoted input parser.Source
with_quasi_quotation_input/3Process the quasi-quoted Content using Stream parsed by Goal.Source
quintus.pl  -- Quintus compatibilityShow source
random.pl  -- Random numbersShow source
rbtrees.pl  -- Red black treesShow source
readln.pl  -- Read line as list of tokensShow source
readutil.pl  -- Read utilitiesShow source
record.pl  -- Access compound arguments by nameShow source
rwlocks.pl  -- Read/write locksShow source
with_rwlock/3Run Goal, synchronized with LockId in ModeSpec.Source
with_rwlock/4Run Goal, synchronized with LockId in ModeSpec.Source
sandbox.pl  -- Sandboxed Prolog codeShow source
settings.pl  -- Setting managementShow source
shell.pl  -- Elementary shell commandsShow source
cd/0Change working directory.Source
cd/1Change working directory.Source
dirs/0Manage the directory stack:.Source
ls/0Listing similar to Unix =ls -F=, flagging directories with =/=.Source
ls/1Listing similar to Unix =ls -F=, flagging directories with =/=.Source
mv/2Move (Rename) a file.Source
popd/0Manage the directory stack:.Source
pushd/0Manage the directory stack:.Source
pushd/1Manage the directory stack:.Source
pwd/0Print current working directory.Source
rm/1Remove (unlink) a file.Source
shell/0Execute an interactive shell.Source
shlib.pl  -- Utility library for loading foreign objects (DLLs, shared objects)Show source
solution_sequences.pl  -- Modify solution sequencesShow source
call_nth/2True when Goal succeeded for the Nth time.Source
distinct/1True if Goal is true and no previous solution of Goal bound Witness to the same value.Source
distinct/2True if Goal is true and no previous solution of Goal bound Witness to the same value.Source
group_by/4Group bindings of Template that have the same value for By.Source
limit/2Limit the number of solutions.Source
offset/2Ignore the first Count solutions.Source
order_by/2Order solutions according to Spec.Source
reduced/1Similar to distinct/1, but does not guarantee unique results in return for using a limited amount of memory.Source
reduced/3Similar to distinct/1, but does not guarantee unique results in return for using a limited amount of memory.Source
sort.plShow source
statistics.pl  -- Get information about resource usageShow source
streams.pl  -- Manage Prolog streamsShow source
strings.pl  -- String utilitiesShow source
dedent_lines/3Remove shared indentation for all lines in a string.Source
indent_lines/3Add Prefix to the beginning of lines in In.Source
indent_lines/4Similar to indent_lines/3, but only adds Prefix to lines for which call(Filter, Line) succeeds.Source
interpolate_string/4Establish a string from a template by replacing patterns.Source
string/4Implements the quasi quotation syntax string.Source
string_lines/2True when String represents Lines.Source
system.pl  -- System utilitiesShow source
tables.pl  -- XSB interface to tablesShow source
terms.pl  -- Term manipulationShow source
thread.pl  -- High level thread primitivesShow source
thread_pool.pl  -- Resource bounded thread managementShow source
threadutil.pl  -- Interactive thread utilitiesShow source
tty.pl  -- Terminal operationsShow source
menu/3Show a menu.Source
tty_clear/0Clear the display.Source
tty_flash/0Give visual signal if possible, otherwise beep.Source
ugraphs.pl  -- Graph manipulation libraryShow source
url.pl  -- Analysing and constructing URLShow source
utf8.pl  -- UTF-8 encoding/decoding on lists of character codes.Show source
varnumbers.pl  -- Utilities for numbered termsShow source
vm.pl  -- SWI-Prolog Virtual Machine utilitiesShow source
wfs.pl  -- Well Founded Semantics interfaceShow source
answer_residual/2True when Goal resolves to a tabled predicate and Residual is the residual goal associated with an answer for Goal.Source
call_delays/2True when Goal is true with Delays.Source
call_residual_program/2Call Goal and return the full residual program as a list of Clauses.Source
delays_residual_program/2Given a delay as returned by call_delays/2, produce a set of clauses the represents the complete residual program responsible for these delays, The program contains at least one loop through tnot/1 and is either inconsistent or has multiple models according to the stable model semantics.Source
when.pl  -- Conditional coroutiningShow source
win_menu.pl  -- Console window menuShow source
writef.pl  -- Old-style formatted writeShow source
swritef/2Use writef/1 or writef/2 and write the result to a string.Source
swritef/3Use writef/1 or writef/2 and write the result to a string.Source
writef/1Formatted write to the current_output.Source
writef/2Formatted write to the current_output.Source
www_browser.pl  -- Open a URL in the users browserShow source
yall.pl  -- Lambda expressionsShow source
zip.pl  -- Access resource ZIP archivesShow source
with_zipper/2Run Goal while holding ownership over Zipper.Source
zip_close/1Close a zipper.Source
zip_close/2Close a zipper.Source
zip_open/4Create a Zipper, providing access to File.Source
zipper_file_info/3Obtain information about the current zip entry.Source
zipper_goto/2Seek Zipper to a specified entry.
zipper_members/2True when Members is the list of file names in the Zipper.Source
zipper_open_current/3Open the current entry as an input stream.